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Maggini's violin

Yu-Ting Huang is a member of Suzuki Association of Americas (SAA).

Suzuki learning is a step by step progression with each child’s learning speed. Dr. Suzuki believed that each small step makes the student success smoothly. And solid steps will bring the child to an enjoyable music journey. 

Suzuki method emphases mother-tongue approach and the Suzuki triangle. Dr. Suzuki realized that children learn to speak their native language, and then began to apply the similar idea to learn music, which we called the mother-tongue approach. 

The Suzuki triangle shows the importance of relationship among student, parents and teacher.  Parents are recommended to keep close contact with the teacher, observe their child in class, play the violin with their kid together, discuss with the teacher, and solve student’s challenges together.  So, we all work together as a team, and believe every child can do it.

Suzuki: Academics
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